Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the nation for several reasons. Solar electric energy systems offer you a limitless supply of clean and renewable energy for heat and power. For businesses looking to run more efficiently, solar energy systems offer an easy way to lower energy consumption and reduce operating costs. Installing a commercial or residential solar energy system can also help create a cleaner environment by reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

American Solar Solution has helped solve the solar energy needs of several commercial and residential clients. We are committed to offering professional and cost-saving solar solutions that conform to the highest standards for both your home and business.

When your business switches to renewable energy, you will immediately begin to see savings and will be protected against rising energy costs which can threaten your financial stability.

The three primary solar technologies are:

•  Solar (photovoltaic) energy which allows electricity to be produced where it is consumed. Sunlight hours coincide    with peak energy demand, so solar panels produce electricity when it is most needed.
•  Solar thermal systems can provide heat for hot water and space-heating systems for residential or commercial    buildings.
•  Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) can provide electricity at utility scale for central power plants.

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